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Jesse has always had a love for great music, family, and community. Jesse loves reaching out to each of his fans to create a personal and relatable connection through his music and extraordinary live performances. While our main goal is to bring country music back, The Revolvers have an in-your-face attitude that peppers rock and roll. With the hidden mystique behind Jesse's sunglasses, the band has a loud outlaw/country style from Hamblen hats, and the Azolado Boot company that gets people's attention. It has been quoted by more than one fan.


I can't wait to hear more original songs!''

''I love everything they play!''

“He is a modern-day Waylon Jennings!’’

“ You can feel their emotions in whatever they play!'’

He is no fake cowboy either!  He grew up ranching, loving, and caring for all sorts of ranch animals, and excelled in his efforts in becoming a professional rodeo athlete with the gold on his hips to prove it. “Busting broncs and riding bulls have kept me level-headed. It goes to show everyone that no matter how bad you get thrown down, you have to get back up and try again. We try to incorporate that with our show. We are very blessed, it takes hard work to get to this level. We are still growing and there is always more work to be done.”

Jesse was nominated for (RMCMA) Rocky Mountain Country Music New Artist of the Year in 2018 and nominated for Songwriter of the Year in 2019 for his new release "In the Rain." "Our goal is to put out new music as often as we can. with the world shut down the revolvers tried to bounce back releasing "Can't Slow Me Down" with three more releases in 2019. 

“In The Rain’’

“Stone Cold Sober’’

“Can’t Slow Me Down’’

"Cape Town"

''Beautiful Thing"

In 2021/2022 we will be on track to release more songs such as...

"Keep My Country Strait"

"Maybe Beer Can"

"Lost Your Turn"

"Empty Bed Of Roses"

and more...

We have opened for acts such as...

Sawyer Brown, Flatland Calvary, Coffey Anderson, Carter Winter, Ned LeDoux, Joe Diffie, Phil Vassar, Koe Wetzel, Logan Mize, Jon Wolfe, Rodger Creager, Jack Ingram, Casey Donahew as well as many others!

Jesse Lee has grown up with a long love for music of all sorts starting with old rock and roll

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